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MF Tulipa And The Train

Hi everybodyWe find this spot in a previous session, and think it would be fun to flash a passing train.Hope you like it, and have fun too.Kisses.TulipaHusband

Entering the train flashing area. 
Comment: Strikeing the staging pose Tulipa? 
As we approach the crossing, we heard the sound of train comming.I quickly get near the line, and put my boobs out. 
Just in timeThe locomotive is passing by me, and the train driver, is at the window 
But it's a cargo train...I gave a laugh. Had run for nothing. Well, only for the train driver, and now for you all.  
Comment: "Tig Ole' Bitties" you have there>> 
We cross the line, and wait for another train. Few minutes after, we heard another one approaching.Maybe i get lucky, and will be a passenger train now. 
Bingo! It's the inter-cities.I had never been so near to a moving train.  
It makes a lot of noise, and passes much faster than i expected. 
Comment: Your making a lot for the people to talk about today>> 
In no time, it's over.At home, we saw, that only had passed 4 seconds, from the first to the last photo, with the train passing  
Thanks for accompany me, in this session of train-spotting, and hope you enjoyed the pics.Kisses Tulipa 
Comment: Certainly came up with a good idea! Yes-Enjoyed from start to finish Tupila!!