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Joola's Clothes

MY wardrobe is special to me. I like the sexy, the daring....

I go clubbing to dance, and meet guys...I dont wear much, and I like to show myself off 
Comment: You've got my attention Jolla! 
I just danced with a colored guy, who was hard for me,and he had pushed my top down, and wanted to go for some fun 
Hubby knows I was naughty...back from the mens toilet, thong off, confessing to sucking and fucking the colored guy!. My dress was still halfway up my back 
Comment: Buy you a drink if you go to the restroom with me>> 
My mesh dress is my fave for daytime wear 
Taking it off to go to the football store 
Comment: A ball store?>> 
Did it, shopped just wearing this, tried taking fotos in store but not allowed 
I AM addicted to truckers and trucks...and I GO hitching from time to time. The guys know what to expect when i climb aboard 
Comment: Naughty Girl!>> 
I am going with this guy...he has my hand and we drive off to a quieter stop..I love the beds in the big trucks. 
Comment: I'll bet you do!>> 
He couldnt wait and had already been feeling me.... 
Comment: Hard not to with a face like that. Always good to see you Joola. Hope to see you in RC!!