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Natasha - Its A Goodyear

Hi Igor, the crew and all you VW viewers,How've you all been? Hope it's the beginning of a great year to cum. Believe it or not Boris likes to take pictures of other things besides me. Last summer he was into horses so we stopped by a local farm. We would look to see if the horses were out in the pasture and if they were, we'd hang out for a while. Here's a few shots of what I was doing, trying to distract him, while he had his camera out. hehe! BTW my teasing worked! EG Thanks to all of you who've left messages on my contris. Can't tell you how much I love reading them. Hope you'll stop by and say hi and let me know if you enjoyed these photos. Luv, Natasha xoxo

This is where the rubber meets the road. hehe!  
Comment: Anytime I see you my rubber hits the road Natasha! 
Come on down and we'll kick a few tires. 
Comment: How about feel?>> 
Convienent location, easy in and out.  
Comment: I wish I could verify that>> 
First cum first serve. hehehehe!  
Comment: What about second?>> 
If there's one thing, make that two things a man should never skimp on it's tires and his girlfriend. 
Comment: Your not skimping on nips Doll!>> 
Comment: Break time?>> 
You doin' a little cloud watching? EG  
Comment: I float over for you now and again>> 
I was hoping to catch one of the farm hands out mending the fence. ;-)  
Comment: Leave the help alone>> 
Comment: Another break? OK I'll admire your tits!>> 
Drive on over me and I'll have a look at your chasis. Hope you enjoyed the photos, stop by the bb and say hi. Luv, Natasha xoxo 
Comment: Such a Woman. I wish I could just drive over. Always and again your #1 Natasha!! XOXO!!!!!!!!!!