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VS Hot In Winter

Hi guys and girls,In February I shown you some sexy summer outfits, this time you can see, that also in winter I like it to wear hot and revealing clothes.And even at skiing in the mountains I enjoy the feeling of being naked. It was very funny to take a sunbath in that warm winter sun.But now I am looking forward that I can wear my new white see-through minidress without a coat over it, heheKisses Vienna

We have a long and cold winter this year. But I can not wait anymore to go out nude 
Comment: There is the gorgeous queen of EIP...whats up buttercup?Well no need to wait to go nude and take pics..we are ready for you 365... 
It is a special feeling to be nude under the coat especially when I wear it open 
Comment: well you definitely give me a special feeling.... 
One new sexy summer dress, but I could no longer wait to wear it. Wet and cold, but very tingly. 
Comment: holy shit! that is wet???and you are outside in the snow??The lengths you go for us here at VW never ceases to amaze me...