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Arties Pussy Shot By Strangers #2

Artie - thanks for all the great comments left after our last contributuion - Here are a few more of the same, plus a few other pics - please see last contribution to be updated on the story and concept, basically Artie allows passers by to take touriest style shots of us whilst 'accidently' having her pussy on show. Please leave email address on comments board if you want to see more of artie.

A nice warm evening in Madrid 
Comment: And you already have a bite. On your left Artie. 
I think it was all too much for the old chap 
On a Train in London - - I managed to sneak this pic of Artie - quite hard as the seats we were in had men on both sides of her and directly opposite, you can just about see her pussy hair peeking out - shame the picture doesn't do the experience justice - you could see quite clearly on the journey - Notice that Artie is reading a magazine - this allowed everyone to steal glimpses of her pussy without getting busted - - - I do have a video clip if anyone wants a copy 
This fella was kind enough to stop and take a picture for us :-) 
Comment: And what? Refuse? Ha!>> 
More of the same from our last contribution, this was taken in London by our waiter. 
Covent Garden, Taken by an American chap, he was very chatty 
Can't remember where this was taken, another happy waiter took the picture 
Comment: You run advertisments down there?>> 
Regent Street, Artie only wore a jumper that day 
Madrid, the sun was right in our faces that day and had then effect of shinging right up Arties skirt - you could see her pussy from 10 metres away 
Another cafe shot - we should get free Coffee 
Comment: And dinner! Your a sport Artie! Lifes to short to not have some fun. THANX!!