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Disappointed Darling Dines Alone

We’ve been sooo busy we’ve fallen behind. Often our contris featuring Darling have generated intriguing comments from a guy who sounded both nice, interesting and nearby. After exchanging a few emails confirming the first impression we agreed to meet for a get acquainted lunch but at the last minute he had to meet with a demanding client. So Darling just decided to make the most of a disappointing situation.

If he had appeared he would have found her waiting demurely. 
Comment: Hope I can make your day better D-Cup! 
In no time at all her cleavage would have put in an appearance.  
Soon the first boob would have been unable to contain itself.  
The other is always sure to follow closely.  
Comment: Dining with the Girls-Clever!>> 
When the meal is over Darling pushes back to bring some other attributes into view. 
She likes to slowly increase the level of exposure. 
She always leaves off her thong when she is hoping for company. Just in case it might somehow be in the way. 
Comment: Understand-In case of emergency!>> 
Since her friend was unable to make it she decided to take matters into her own hands. 
Poor guy. Just look at the treatment he might have been missing. 
So far no one has gotten this treatment from Darling in a restaurant, but who knows what might happen if the inspiration and situation are just right. 
Comment: I feel sorry for the Guy now! There's always next time and thats when I'll see you again D-Cup!!