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Artie's Pussy Photographed By Strangers

Here's some pictures of a little game we like to play If Artie sees a man she likes the look of coming along we ask him to take a picture of us both tourist style. The only difference to the usual type of picture is that Artie's pussy is 'accidently' on show and in the shot. Due no doubt to the extremely short skirts she wears and the fact that she has 'accidently' forgotten to wear her knickers.It's fun to see when they notice what they can see and their eyes pop out of their heads.So yes the shots are staged, by me, that's the point - all these pictures where taken by strangers with my own camera that I pass on to them to take the picture - I hope that should satisfy all the doubters and critics.

Taken in Shopping MAll in Kent England - the bloke nearly checked on his pepsi - he hung around and walked past a few more times after taking the pic 
Comment: hiya Artie! 
This was taken on a tube train - he was sitting opposite us for about 15 minutes getting this view - so I asked him to take a picture too 
Comment: Great idea for sexy fun flashing 
at a bar in Madrid - he pretended he didn't see 
Comment: Just being polite. We all notice 
at a susi bar in miami - - I've got lots from this series - this was taken by our waiter - it was HIS idea to take the picture 
Comment: you probably had great service all evening, too 
a very warm day - taken by a coach driver who was watching us while he was parked waiting for his tourist party to arrive back - he was grinning and saying something - wish I did italian in school now 
Comment: Was it something like, "Momma mia!" sorry, beyond some pasta names, my Italian is very limited. 
Taken in camden town by a chap with his girlfriend - she wasn't too pleased 
Comment: She probably wanted to take the picture! 
At a cafe in London somewhere - taken by a road sweeper 
Comment: Making his job the best one in town that day 
A young chinese kid of about 18 took this one - it frightened the life out of him - but managed to take the picture whilst shaking like a leaf 
Comment: Too bad he didn't figure out the zoom 
Waiting for a bus in Madrid - taken by a chap in the queue 
Comment: I'm loving your game. It has soooo many possibilities.Imagine the fun of "accidental nipple slips, too. 
Miami again - taken by our waiter - we got great service that day - he was always at hand for some reason !!!! 
Comment: Wonderful sexy fun! I'm just surprised that not one of your impromptu photographers thought to zoom in on the prize.Thanks Artie!