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A Naughty Night In Vegas! 1st Time!

Out for a night of fun in Vegas, was feeling frisky and a little sassy. So we decided to take some pictures! This was my first time ever doing this so It started off with a little flash here and there.... but it was soo exciting and a huge rush that I might get caught! I got got so turned on that I left the dress in the room and went back out, more daring each time.I had so much fun and felt so alive!! I hope you Enjoy, I know we did!

So Innocent!! My first time!!!! 
Comment: Your fist time - but with such an amazing adventure to come! 
Starting to be a little daring...... 
Comment: A little daring, and we love the tease... 
In the elevator on the way down to the casino.. Ok here we go!!!! 
Comment: Going Down!!! Oooo Huh, Huh!!!Aerosmith eat your heart out!(Love the song - but love this pic more) 
Loving this!! Decided to lose the dress... Notice person to my left.. so exciting!!! 
Comment: OMG!!!Would have been chips all over the place if you had tripped! 
Out on the strip...getting my nerve up!! 
Comment: Out and about on the town - as they say! Need an escort / 'bodyguard'? 
WOW!!! All the traffic and the tour bus going by was so amazing!!  
Comment: And they missed the real 'show' on (or should it be 'of') the strip! 
Love the big City!!! 
Comment: Big city??? Not really paying any attention to it - more localised on YOU! 
Headed back to the room and had an amazing time in our window overlooking the strip!! 
Comment: Must have been the room with the best view in the WHOLE hotel! 
Best night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun! Can't wait until the next trip!! 
Comment: And thats something we are all hoping for too!Please come back!