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Li'l Tigress Dining In San Juan, Puerto Rico

We got a chance to eat at a little South American fusion restaurant near the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now, I'm always horny, so when I get to go out, I'm gonna get my man horny, too.No, Damien didn't sell the Aerbus 320, he just took a Line of Credit out and purchased this little place for the shoot. Kisses.

This wine is making me dizzy. 
Comment: Waiter, more wine!I just want to sit here and drink up those sexy eyes and smile 
Okay, people in the background. Let's do it. 
Comment: Damien, alway focus on the babe! 
Comment: for this one you are excused. A delightful flash would take me off guard, too. 
Finally some good focus and the nearest guy has disappeared. 
Comment: Great job on holding the camera steaddy with a slow shutter speed. 
Calm down, Damien. What, you can't keep a steady hand with my foot up your shorts? 
Comment: WOOHOO! Lil Tigress sure knows how to tease to the max! 
Our waitress took this shot for us. We had to laugh, four separate members of the serving staff would drop napkins and slips of paper next to our table then stoop down to retrieve them. 
Comment: when people hear Damien has a foot in his pants, bet they think something different 
And this is why Damien couldn't get those pictures focused. His eyes were crossed the whole night. 
Comment: hehehe! Love it! Sexy and funny. Bold and beautiful. Thanks Lil Tigress! Now get the for sale sign on the restaurant door, and purchase something closer to me!