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Li'l Tigress - A Flash From The Past

Some of my fans may not remember that I started here on last Spring. A little tamer, mind you, but daring none the less for me (at that time).Here are the highlights of a romp around some Irvine landmarks and office buildings. Keep up the positive feedback and comments and I'll do some more.And I hope that all you viewers with nasty and rude comments don't think that those remarks make us girls all hot and bothered for you. Wouldn't we live in a crazy world if they did?Kisses

A local landmark in Downtown Irvine - the auto club. 
Comment: hiya Lil Tigress! 
Here's a coupla pointers for you two truck drivers. 
Comment: I like your points 
Outdoors, In Public, In Nightwear. I think I have all the components for a fun photo shoot. 
Comment: their buddies will never believe them... until now 
Damien didn't even see this guy crossing our shot until we got home and looked at the pictures. 
Comment: Wonder if he noticed you 
This is Damien's favorite. 
Comment: Sweet 
Oops, my top keeps falling off. 
Comment: I love it when that happens. 
Another Irvine landmark. Do you remember the Del Taco commercial filmed from here? 
Comment: Beautiful place for a beautiful exhibitionist 
And one last set from a park-like setting off of Von Karman. 
Comment: Rhetorical, right? 
You really want to see it all. 
Comment: WOOHOO! thanks Lil Tigress! 
Okay, that's an easy request. Kisses