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Southern Granny Showing Off Her Weight Loss!

Hello everyone! I'm a 41 yr old mom of 3 and grandmother of 1. I'm 5' 9" tall and I was unlucky enough to go from 140 lbs to 230 lbs in the last few years. I let an idiot doc put me on medicine I didn't need and one of the side effects was extreme weight gain.I threw out the meds and got to work trying to get my body back. I am now down to 200 lbs and cruising down to 160 my goal weight. I figured a few good comments would keep me motivated to keep working hard to become healthy and get my old body back! So, I'm throwing myself out here for everyone to see, face and all.I'll post more pictures in a few weeks and we can compare my weight loss! I hope you enjoy!

Just hanging around! 
Comment: Ok first off, congrats on you weightloss to date...No doubt you'll get typical internet trolls that only want to bash. When those dudes get under 275 lbs, grow their dicks out to a rock hard 4" (doubling their current size) and move out of their mothers basement, then they can talk...meantime.... lets see you naked 
I am so glad to see the bottom of my butt again! 
Comment: hehehe we all are 
I was a B cup, went to a DDD cup. Don't get to excited, they are getting smaller again and I'm glad!  
Comment: yep, I'd say a DDD is a bit big on anyone... 
For all the men and women in uniform serving our country! I love you! 
Comment: Not seeing where you need work there cutie...though loads of volunteers to help you work back there...thanks and good luck 
I need a little more work back here! Can anyone help me?