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Just getting Ready to go out while on vacation. As for all the comments on my last submission about us being “Pro” we are not. We have been boyfriend- girlfriend for a year and both just love to take pictures. My last submission was my “first time” to post on VW, not my "first time" to ever take pictures with my man, but ever since I heard of this site I have bugged my boyfriend about sending some in, I am the biggest exhibitionist you will ever meet / see. I think our secret is he tells me to seduce him, be his slutty girl, for me show him how bad I want to fuck him) and then we just work hard and long to get good shots, not that its like real work. Hope you enjoy these as well. Oh and by the way as for my job I am a realtor, anyone need a house? Just thought I might as well get some mileage out of all this. Please keep the comments cumming, I cant promise to respond to everyone, but I will enjoy reading everyone, just be nice, life is too short to be negative. Lets have some fun!!!! Kennedy

Just bathed. 
Excuse my no make-up look. 
My meditation pose. 
Deeper meditation 
Doing my nails. 
Making a drink.