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Day The Beach

On a road trip last week we found this beautiful hidden beach. I wasn't planning to go to the beach that day so I didn't have my bikini with me and there were only a few people's not a nude beach but I couldn't resist getting naked for some sun and pictures of course. There was this one lady that seemed to be quite shocked to see me nude and slowly moved closer and closer pretending to be looking for sea shells or whatever. Soon she was just a few feet away and looking at me from the corner of her sunglasses so I spread my legs wider so she could get a really good look and smiled at her. She got nervous and slowly walked away, checking back ever few steps. You can see her a bit upset with her arms on her hips in one of the Only one other person dared get close while I was naked, a guy selling home made snacks, he was a bit shy when I asked him to take a pic with me but after a few shots he got comfortable and even put his arm around my waist. Other people were taking pics with their cell phones but I think they were too far away to get any nice shots...if they would have come a bit closer some of those pics could have appeared in the what I saw section. When the sun started to set we got dressed and climbed up the small cliff to where the car was parked when I noticed these 3 guys that must have been standing there watching me for a while. As I walked by them I asked if they liked what they saw and they started to laugh, so we got to talking and they were here on vacation. I told them to check out NuAmPics to see some more. To Steve, Jerry and Mike from NYC wink wink. xoxo Angelina

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