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Back In Black

Here's my third contribution. My man wanted pics of his truck, so I thought I'd oblige. There's nothing like the feeling of hot black leather in the warm sunshine! Of course, eventually it got hot, so I had to take it off! Thanks for all the great comments. I really get wet reading them! I never knew until recently how much I loved being looked at! And you naughty girls, too! WOW!

my sweetie's chevy xtreme. It's definitely getting xtreme today!  
Comment: indeed! 
The sweater was getting a bit warm. So was my hubby/photographer! 
Comment: what about the Ghost..?..:)) 
Definitely the place to soak up some rays... but damn, those tan lines... 
OH! That's MUCH better. Love to feel the breeze blowing across my nipples... I get so excited! 
Comment: yep..we get that! 
Okay. I needed a drink, so I leaned into the cab. Good thing my cup had a long and thick straw to suck on! 
Comment: how handy it can be sometimes..:)) 
This should fulfill many of the comments I had from my last contri... And these gloves are SWEET! (God... I LOVE leather!) 
So, after an "explosive shoot," we decided to try something just a little softer... I'm cumming for you next! 
Comment: the Ghost can;t wait..!tx Stacey... appreciate your contribution