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Darling Doing What Darling Does

After being disappointed by a no show at the restaurant Darling decided to get a little frisky on the way home. We pulled off to the side and she proceeded to do her thing. Perhaps some of you might like to watch.

As soon as I pulled over she started to get busy. 
Comment: show me show me! 
Out they came. She simply can't seem to keep them covered up. It happens every time she gets a chance. 
Comment: that's my girl! 
Next the skirt began its rise. Yes, this often just seems to happen as well. 
A gal's bush needs a chance to breathe from time to time, don't you think? 
Comment: yeah needs some air into it..! 
Darling sees no reason to keep all this semi hidden in the car on such a nice day.  
Comment: good thinking 
She's getting tempted to do more. Why not? 
Comment: what the heck! 
I always encourage her to show me more spread whenever there is a chance for it. 
A closer look often has appeal for boob and bush lovers. 
Next she climbs out to check if the coast is clear. That's the city's skyline in the background. Darling may have something more daring in mind. Let us know if you're interested in what it might be.  
Comment: tx for the show