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Her Breasts From A Young Girl To Madame M.

The Development from a young Girl to Madame M.See her shy breast and the power-boobs.Sometimes it is too much for Madame M.German-Size 80E.

At this time in the 70`s she was very shy.She is a very romantic girl. 
Comment: Your giving me a flashback Madame M! 
It was a long discussion before.Naked in the forest. 
Even as a young girl,she had beatiful curves. 
A picture of the late 90`s.It was a private outdoor picnic. 
Comment: And the boobs are still hanging in there>> 
Now she is on top!It´s nearly too much! 
Comment: Want me to wipe that off?>> 
You want to sit near me? 
Breast close-up.Too big for one pic. 
Comment: To big for one hand!>> 
Now she needs a cooldown.Sit in a Whirlpool with champain and this woman is an explosion. 
Very new pic.You can Do what You like to do with me 
Ready for everything! 
Comment: With that pose I could probley accomidate your wishes. Look forward to seeing you again Madame M!!