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Angel & Amen #7

As promised, here are more "tame" photos for the (Private Shots) site... We do hope that you enjoyed our previous set posted here last week...? As always, if you like what you see, please let us know by posting a "hot", "erotic", or... other kind comment... We are a very married couple of 20+ years who love "getting off" together, taking erotic photos and posting them at quality amateur websites for others to view and comment on.

You've Just Got to LOVE a Nice Ass? 
Comment: Pump it up Angel! 
An "Angel" in Blue! 
Nipple Clips... I Love How They Turn Me On!!! 
Angel's Succulent "ASS" 
Comment: Good place to have lunch>> 
Nicely Spread in Blue... Your Thoughts Please??? 
Comment: Landing field>> 
Angel's Still Firm 34B Cups...  
Comment: Is that the size of the nips?>> 
As Ass Like This is Worth Cherishing! 
Removing My Nipple Clips... Ooooohh! 
Comment: You feel my bite?>> 
Do YOU Like The Colour Blue?... I Sure Do!!! 
Comment: Pink could add>> 
Waiting... Waiting... Ummm! 
Comment: Me Too... Me Too... for you to cum back Angel. Awesome Babe!!