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Good Morning In Orange

Hello again everyone! Thank you for all your nice comments. I read them all and appreciate them. Here are my latest pics. My boyfriend bought me this orange robe and I thought it was so pretty I wanted to take pictures with it. Hope all 10 make it through again!XOChloe

Good Morning! 
Comment: Good Morning to you Chloe..! 
Oops ... my robe fell open. 
Comment: my lucky day..:)) 
Help me tie it? 
Comment: i can't... my hands are trembling..:)) 
I think this one's pretty. My bf started playing with the camera settings. 
This one's set to "cloudy day" :) 
Comment: this is one hell of a set..! 
Comment: you got the moves girl!! 
Big morning stretch. 
I think this looks cool too. :) 
Comment: chilling!