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The Artist

Last Spring we asked an Artist,to draw an erotic picture of Madame M.At last it takes more than 5 hours.All pictures we sent in ,and also in Redclouds a real erotic Games we created in our life.Most of them,we cannot post here,because it is to intim for the persons and the places.But if the response is well,we can mail a lot!You will also see othe rones in Redclouds!Please excuse our bad English.

The Model of today!As You see,she prefer real Nylons! 
Comment: Well Dressed to be in the middle of nowhere Madame m.. 
Small talk 
She walk a little bit around to push the erotic athmosphere.She like to play with a young man. 
It is nearly too much for him. 
Comment: I think your boobs are to much for your top!>> 
The push before starting! 
In this postion she hast to stay more than 3 hours! 
Relax after! 
Comment: I think your artist needs a break also>> 
Relax for the artist! 
She loves it! 
Comment: I'd never get past the nipples if I were the artist! Thanx Madame M.!!