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Jessica In Camo II

The first set of my camo (or BDU to some of you) pics seems to have really struck a cord, so I thought I would post some more from the same set. I'm also posting a similar set on Redclouds, if you want to check those out. Of course I can show things there, I can't show here, (more pink parts) so they will be just a little different. I keep seeing these posts where some of you guys think I'm a little thick. If I lost much more weight I would be a twig, a twig with big titties. Do you guys really like lookin' at twigs with big titties? I prefer my men and ladies to have a little muscle and beef, it's more to love on and fun to snuggle with, but to each his own I suppose. If you're going to leave negative comments over it please don't bother. I can do without those comments thank you. All positive comments with an included email will get a present from me, promise.xoxo,Jessica

Okay I've been told 4.1 million cross hairs are on me. That makes it even more exciting 
Comment: yep, and we are all looking at you....whats in store for us today? 
Perhaps you'd like to sneak up behind me? 
Comment: hell yeah! 
Comment: love that smile cutie...and the cleavage maker you are sporting ;-) 
Comment: what a damn sweet ass!yep, don't let the people control how you look and feel hot look damn fine to me! 
Comment: I see a couple pillows to rest my head on... 
Comment: 4.1 million dudes drooling on keyboards as we speak... 
You can lay down your weapons now. 
Comment: ahhh my favorite so far... 
Join me over here for a little dear meat. 
Comment: who could pass up that invitation?? 
Put your hands on the stars and insert here, LOL 
Comment: ;-)sounds like a plan! 
Tickle me with a feather and I'll do anything you say 
Comment: well give me the feather and bend over hot stuff ;-)thanks!