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Li'l Tigress - At The Beach In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Okay, you saw me flying to Puerto Rico and having dinner on the EIP page. Now here's my contribution to Freestyle. Yes, there were people on the beach. No, Damien didn't capture their appreciative looks. So, yes, we aren't publishing these in EIP.I was a bit tipsy after that bottle of wine and when we got close to our hotel and I wanted to play in the ocean. For those of you who were so gracious to ask nicely, I've included some ass shots for you.

That's me and the ocean in San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Comment: hiya Lil Tigress! So after selling the theater to buy the A320, did you purchase this beach, too? hehehe 
I'm still getting used to the water. After all, it's still only January. 
Comment: Only one way to get in the water... CANNONBALL! 
When I've had a little to drink, I can be such a tease. 
Comment: Barkeep, make hers a double! 
Comment: WOOHOO! 
Okay, now i'm nekkid. Let's see what kinda trouble I can get into. 
Comment: I love the spirit! Gorgeous lady, too 
Is this how Anna Kournikova and Heidi Klum got started? 
Comment: They are both trying to catch up to you. 
A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit pose (oops, where's my suit?) 
Comment: Simply gorgeous. Flash photography at night sure lets everyone from a mile around know what you two were up to doing. 
Comment: Gorgeous smile! thanks Lil Tigress! If you need help removing the seedweed, give me a call. 
Okay, that was fun, now I'm cold and have seaweed where it doesn't belong.