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Joola Fotos With The Guys

Saunders my sex mad husband has arranged a few guys to take pics of me. 6 plus him, some guys we met up with from your comments pages...amateur lensmen who all like looking at me!Some local guys...we use a room from the city cathouse, jacuzzi, bar, and the guys all get i am i a room with 7 erect cocks...and things start to hot are the fotos just before it all started!

7 guys, mostly guys I had met 1 hour before. All with cameras pointed at me. 
Comment: Your something to look at for sure Joola! 
The room has a horse for sex fun. I mount it, the guys are getting horny, and make me feel at ease 
The guy who took this had the best equipment, and I love this pic...I am looking at his sexy body and thinking he can pose with me real close if he wants! 
7 erections and Saunders is more nervous than I am, and I am geting real horny 
Comment: There's eight! You forgot about me!>>  
A change with a pvc suit a guy brought with him. He had come 500miles to foto me 
Naked men, I wanted to get naked too 
Saunders suggested I lie on the bed and I feel so randy, I play with my flases go off 
Comment: Zipity Zip!>> 
Get naked and they ask me to choose who goes first. 
I choose the first guy with the equipment, he is coming to me as this pic was excitement is obvious! 
Comment: Can tell your excited. Nipples as hard as your friend? Brillant story and waiting for the next Joola!!