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More Lingerie Fun

Here's a few more shots of my sexy wife having fun modeling.

Comment: Heya Princesshmmm what are you modeling here? 
Comment: Modeling some huge boobs here!they damn nice so far! 
Comment: yep, just slip both straps down and let them cascade out... 
Comment: I'm thinking you should lose the bikini...kind of busy looking and it is a shame to cover upthose boobs... 
Comment: waving back 
Comment: seriously, wouldn't you like to get naked for me? 
Comment: oh man... see, here's the problem...I'm not really a fan of pantyhose...loads of pantyhose lovers out there and more power to em...but look, there is a filter there! 
Comment: hmmm still no boobs? 
Comment: well, I'm sure your wardrobe impressed some of them out there...I'm a fan of naked time, just for your ol' pal Cam???thanks in advance!