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Shower Time

Just a few shots of Lenora getting cleaned upped after some fun on our cabin trip. If comments are good we will post the pictures in Redclouds of how she got so messy to need this shower.

Commentary by Lenora.  
Comment: Heya Lenora and GL53...See, these people know how to enjoy VW...they take pics, they are on the Forums talking to peopleasking questions, suggestions...If you want to talk to hotties like this, look for the link to the Forums on the Main Page...Ok hot stuff, lets see whats up in your world today... 
Had to wash my hair due to my photographer shooting me with more than just a camera. (Watch Redclouds soon) 
Comment: hehehe got a little creme rinse eh?makes your hair rich and lustrous.... 
Comment: I'm a fan of the chocolate kisses I see... 
Spank me I've been bad! 
Comment: spank 
Warming up in front of the fire. 
Comment: yep, better to be naked and warm up by the firethan to wander around with your clothes on... 
Any one want to help me dry off? 
Comment: sure! 
Or just get me wet again? 
Comment: well there is always that option... 
Comment: as warm as it is by the fireyour nipples are damn hard.... 
Thanks for watching. Watch for my next post in Redclouds soon! 
Comment: Thanks cutieseeya!