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Betsyxxx - Ready On The Bed Pt. 2

This is the second part to Ready on the Bed - comes from one of our weekend holidays in Maine.Bets

Comment: Heya BetsyI see the pillows are still around....I say toss them on the floor! 
Comment: at least they aren't hiding your boobs this time:-) 
Comment: I like this aggressive crawl thing... 
Comment: awwww back to looking innocent.. 
Comment: I detect hair movement here! 
Comment: yep, you have one super sweet smile! 
Comment: I see those buns hot stuff...and want to see more of them! 
Comment: there we go! 
Comment: hmmm what other requests can I make...How about flipping on your back and holding the pillows over your boobs so I can't see them? 
Comment: Damn, you took me seriously....thanks cutie