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Betsyxxx Ready On The Bed

Having more fun on our holiday in Maine. Bets

Comment: Heya Betsyso this is part of your vacation in Maine?Looks like Maine has some awesome opportunities for tanning ;-) 
Comment: ahhhh you KNEW I was a sucker for the librarian look, didn't you... 
Comment: I see those pillows......but I want to set the other pillows ;-) 
Comment: are you going to let those pillows go... 
Comment: ok here we go!Pillows you sleep on are to release the other pillows.... 
Comment: grrrr I'm starting to hate those pillows.... 
Comment: hey! a nipple! 
Comment: nipple went back in hiding...I forgot to mention, you have some incredible legs!will we get to see the buns? 
Comment: both nipples!Yes!and loving those hard little berries...why did you hide them from me for so long??? 
Comment: thanks cutie!and remember...You need to show me your ass next time ;-)seeya