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Mifl Clare In Red Heels

we went out, and she got drunk enough to pose again, but this time she dressed up a little.

red and black, my favourite combination. 
Comment: Damned if it's not Clare. Hi Sweety! 
new shoes bought just to look good in. 
now i know she was up to take off more 
looking pleased with herself 
Comment: Need a tad of pink in there somewhere>> 
still new to posing 
feeling more confident 
turning to show her other side 
Comment: Shy? I think Clare is growing out of it>> 
she's going to take off her bra 
tit ahoy 
2 tits out, what cums next. looking hapier again, still getting better at posing, could do with a local professional? 
Comment: I'm a professional at this and that if you need Clare. Thanx Sweety!!