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Yvonne 18 To 50

Here are some more photos of my wife of going on 36 years, Yvonne. For you "camel toe" lovers we have included a few shots. Please let us know if you love the camel toe look, as we have quite a few more and will submit. She ( as you will see) used to wear tight shorts and no underwear, and it "made an impression" As always, good comments are welcome. Yvonne and Ol' Fart

About 18. Love the tits and pussy hair. I (we) do not like the shaved look of today, especially on older women. There is something just wrong with that. 
Comment: I feel like a time traveler. The bushy look is a definite winner in this classic pic! 
About 22 
Comment: Yvonne, I have to tell have beautiful nips in this shot. Perfect. 
About 22. Never stayed at this hotel again( mold in tub) Love a wet bush to rub 
Comment: Wet bush = fun. Moldy tub = icky. Good call leaving that place behind ya! 
About 24  
27 or so. Love underwear that lets a little bush show through. 
Comment: You guys had fun after this set of photos didn't ya? 
About 29. These were one of her go grocery shopping outfits. The stockmen loved it when she bent over to get something off the bottem shelf. 
Comment: Hehehehe. Good, clean fun! 
Front side, no underwear or bra. Loved how her shorts darkened a little bit by the bush. 
About 39 years old. Sure wish I had taken more photos of these shorts. You could crawl right up there! 
Comment: Waiting for you to please her........ 
About 39 
Comment: Well she should have! That's pretty kick ass joining a wet T-shirt contest. Of course, look at her! Yeah, she should have won! Thanks for the pics! 
Showing an Ol' Broad can still have fun, a little wet t-shirt action at age 50. No, she did not win.