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My Wife And Lingerie Part 2

As you seem to like the lingerie games, and We like your comments, let s go on, then...another set of shoots where she enjoyed being photographed... some more in red clouds as well

Here we are, she wears her babydoll, transparent... her nipples already show tension 
Comment: Heya cutieyep, those nipples are showing tension...or at attention... 
i like this view 
Comment: rear view works for me! 
Comment: lingerie like that is nice to look atbut from an action point of view, once you hit the bedit should hit the floor ;-) 
Comment: heya butt! 
she likes showing, i realise 
Comment: she likes showing and we like looking! 
Comment: looks like she almost rolled out of the picture on this one! 
she keeps some her on her lips, i luv this.... 
Comment: sweet! 
Comment: little bush escapees eh? 
i luv this hair cut. 
Comment: kind of a think landing strip? 
she can't wait to start playing, mmmm i can t wait either. 
Comment: thanks!