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Angelina Imp's Thong Bikinis

I've been away from home for a few months for work now so Angelina Imp decided to send me some photos of her wearing the new thong bikinis I bought her for an upcoming beach vacation. I think you'll agree that her ass was made for a thong bikini! We've loved all the votes and comments we've received in the past and hopefully you'll still love her pics even though it's been awhile for us! Please be sure to leave comments as Angelina loves to hear how turned on everyone gets by her pics. We try to email everyone who leaves a comment too!

Brazilian thong... Greek ass!! 
Comment: Built that way for a reason Angelina! 
String see-thru thong bikini... 
Comment: Like the see-thru top>> 
Black thong bikini... looks better this way doesnt it? 
Comment: Your nipple jewlery is absolutly incredible>> 
time to tease... 
Comment: Hands seem to wonder for the camera>>