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OhGirl: Pink Net

This is another outfit I took to Las Vegas in February. I shared a few of the photos from this set on the RC BB and everyone seemed to like them, so I have submitted a post with a few more. I hope you enjoy these photos as well.

I always enjoy the artistic view of the mirror photos. 
Comment: your view reflects reality.:)) 
It allows you to view the model's body from all angles. 
We had a large mirror in our room, so we took advantage of the situation. 
Comment: let me try to interpete situation..:)) 
It is tough deciding which photo to post and what view most people will enjoy the best.  
Comment: just be yourself and introduce us to the real you 
Obviously loosing the panties is a 
Comment: otherwise you get slapped on the hand..:)) 
And everyone seems to like the view from behind. 
It seems like the yoga or gymnastic poses are in style these days,  
Comment: you make it in style 
but I will stick with the basics.  
It seems to provide a better perspective on what everyone comes her to see... 
Comment: OHGirl... Oh Boy!!! you had me going for a whiletx and come for more pls