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G.P.O.E. 8

Thanks for the great comments. A little housekeeping: 1)I caught the misspelling of "ladys" right after I submitted it, sorry. 2)New Orleans, in particular the French Quarter doesn't smell like urine or stale beer any more. The current private independent cleaning company does a high-pressure wash regularly through out the French Quarter. It smells like lemons!(?) I guess that's better. 3)I use a fancy Nikon D200 with a great 18-200 zoom auto focus lens with VR (vibration reduction.) I can be 2 feet or 100 feet away and still get the shot. I use one of their powerful dedicated flashes and can click off 5 frames a second for just the right shot. Most importantly, having done this so long, I know where to wait on the street for the best photos. 4)Five piercings, right on, I missed the two obvious ones. 5)GPOE4, pics 3,4,5: Idyllic and pure. Just perfect. Really GREAT PHOTOS are just the result of taking a LOT of photos and throwing 95% away.

Need to spend some time on the "painted Ladies" 
Worthy of a quality closeup. 
Two-fer on a balcony. 
Look at this cutie. 
She's friendly, too. 
Feeling no pain. 
Prancing around outside the body painting shop. 
Hangin' with friends. 
Another closeup to appreciate the quality of the work.